Shockwave Therapy for Back Pain

Back Pain


These can be found all over the body. They can be a common cause of neck and back pain. As you can imagine, this can be difficult to pin point the cause, but often we consider posture, modern living, stress anxiety and perhaps all of the aforementioned, Shockwave is increasingly used as an alternative to physiotherapy and acupuncture for those non-responsive patients.

Myofascial trigger points TrP may be acute or chronic and can be an  area of hyperirritability in tissue when compressed may be tender and give rise to the myofascia, cutaneous, fascial, ligamentous and periosteal trigger points. Often used with conventional treatments to facilitate resolution and improved functional outcomes.

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These disorders include facet joint affection, piriformis syndrome and several other conditions. The associated pain is perceived in proximal dermatomes within the thigh (referred pain, head zones). In many cases of pseudoradicular lower back pain, it is impossible to find the underlying disease characterizing these cases as idiopathic. Pseudoradicular pain does not radiate below the knee and thought, generally and local proximal disorder that does not affect nerve roots. Whereas Radicular pain radiates below the knee and thought to be disorders effecting the nerve root compression, often felt below the knee ( referred pain ).


Radial shockwave is an extremely effective alterative treatment to pseudo radicular lower back pain and often employed at a period of not before 6 months.



Lower back pain without sciatica, stenosis or spinal deformation is called idiopathic back pain. It's second only to the common cold presenting to physicians on a daily basis.

Acute ILBP lasts 3-6 weeks and will often settle in several weeks, recurrences are common.

Following manual medicine, exercise to decrease pain and restore mobility, if patients are not responding then Radial Shockwave is a safe alternative to consider before surgery.

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