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Neck Pain


Neck pain is in abundance today, shockwave can be very helpful for with chronic tension headaches, chronic pain in the neck, shoulder or back.

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One of the main causes of chronic neck pain are Myofascial trigger points, these are localised segments of muscle that that been subjected to acute injury and micro trauma from repetitive stress. Statistically MFTP’s most common in the neck and can be responsible for cervical headaches.

Symptoms include temporal pain, eye pain and pain at the back of the neck and can mimic migraines. Manual treatment would be a first port of call, acupuncture and possibly stress management and ergonomics in the workplace.

Shockwave can be employed when the above simply has not worked and usually at a period of not less than 6 months.


Next Steps

Here are the 3 steps to discover if Shockwave is right for you:

  • If you want to read more about Shockwave Therapy, download a free copy of The Shockwave Solution book
  • If you have a specific condition, however you are not sure Shockwave is an appropriate course of treatment, complete a free, confidential Online Assessment.
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