Training in Camberley

Really great day yesterday, 14th November training the team at Camberley Chiropractics.

Having recently expanded their services to include Shockwave, I was asked to deliver our QuickStart training to get them up to speed and familiar with the device, the latest research and delivery best practices. The day included a general introduction to Shockwave, a scientific overview of the technology, background information on who's using shockwave, the latest research, a in-depth look at the Swiss Dolorclast method and practical use as well as some things to look out for in further developments.

They're a really keen team under Dr James Everett, and adding ESWT to there very modern clinic with strong interest in sports medicine is going to be a great benefit for their patients and their business.

As ever, the EMS device was purchased based on the wealth of evidence and the machines use in many of the clinical trials. This, along with the great support of the Swiss DolorClast Academy  (which all members will be invited to join), make is the perfect choice.

Anyone close to Camberley should check out this clinic for insertional tendinopathies, osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. They have the most up-to-date and internationally recognised radial shockwave equipment. 

If you've added or are considering adding shockwave to your practice, feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or to find out more about the support and training we provide. 

New Video on Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (often called High Hamstring or Hamstring Syndrome)

Well again another busy week and fitting in another video was really challenging. I have to thank Rhea my Pilates Teacher/ Ironman extraordinaire, my wife in the back ground and the ever supportive Artur who provides us with such good photos.

Paul and Reah  1-91 Shock Pics (27).JPG

So what's so particular about this proximal hamstring video. Well the hamstring itself can be the cause of problems with the lower back, hip and indeed the knee. For this particular condition we see a number of athletes from the running world in particular and when not responding or even missed, then Shockwave can be a valid solution. I've undertaken a number of these conditions with really good results.

For the acedemics out there, Check out out other Shockwave Practitioner videos and this very good paper to support this condition

For those of you who have or think you may have this condition, i.e pain in the lower buttock, worsened on sitting also whilst running during acceleration / deceleration phase, check out the Hamstring Tendinopathy page here. This may be your saving grace (as in Cacchios study).

Have a good week everyone.

New Shockwave Video on Tennis Elbow

Steves Shockwave

My word what week its been, what with the launch of the new site and thank you all for nice comments; it really appreciated. Incredibly we have had another 80 books downloaded which is amazing! Further we shot another practioner video on Tennis Elbow last Friday with Steve Avery Six times Professional Body Builder plus many other accolades to his tiltles and having just won the British!

I'm very proud of what Steve has achieved in his field of excellence, I have looked after Steve in excess of 25 years and dealt with a number of injuries during this period. Steve is only too aware of the benefits of Shockwave despite his picture for the camera.

Watch this space for more Shocking news.

Focused Shockwave Arrival

Focused Shockwave Therapy now available at Osteopathic Clinic, Croydon

Yes, you read that right. 

We’re delighted to announce that the Osteopathic Clinic, Croydon has introduced a second shockwave therapy treatment at the practice.

Focused Shockwave

As our long time patients will know, for the past 13 years we’ve used the radial non-invasive form of treatment to help alleviate very painful conditions in patients including tennis elbow, policeman’s heel, also known as plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis in the knee as well as shoulder tendonitis.

The clinically proven and NICE appraised technique sends shockwaves to problematic areas and works by reinjuring tendons and tissues, which stimulates blood flow and encourages them to heal (neoangioesthesis) It can also numb and anesthetise the nerve endings, thereby reducing pain.

And the best part about it is no medication or surgery is required and the results are both fast and effective.

So, now, excitingly we’ve introduced another form known as focused shockwave therapy to our suite of services.

Unlike the radial method, designed essentailly for superficial (diseases of tendon attachments) medical problems, this technique uses shockwaves that penetrate a depth of 8cm, which means we can get much deeper into the tissue or joint at demonstrated here.

It can also be less painful to deliver than the radial shockwave with some conditions because ramping up the energy for sure we can do this and I have done so for example with Calcified Shouder tendinopathy,  theres increased discomfort superficially and  fortunately this does not last for long.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The benefits of this have been documented in a couple of clinical journals, principally in the USA gaining FDA approval. Essentially one devise is not superior than the other as the practice has expanded it seems very reasonable to add this to our repertoire. There have also been studies that need deeper targeting, such as the middle of the hip and non union fracture, some of these conditions may well need orthapaedic supervision and have therefore invited colleagues accordingly. Im also delighted to advise that I will be involved in studies myself with some Orthopaedic surgeons so watch this space. The Focused device is considerably more expensive and for the short period the fee structure will be the same a radial treatment, and essentially as  before you will need 3-5 sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about Shockwave Therapy, you can download my free book here, which explains everything you need to know.

If you’d like to book a consultation please call 020 8662 1155 or email

Principal Paul applying Shockwave to his knee

Never let it be said we’d recommend thing we were’t willing to do ourselves…

Earlier this week Paul broadcast a Facebook Live session as he Shockwaved his knee. For those technical minded: lateral femoral condyle and soft tissues superiority and inferiority work 😉

If you’ve ever wondered about the procedure, this is a great watch.