Dr Peter Campbell

Paul catches up with Dr Peter Campbell, 6 years after his Shockwave treatment for a persistent Achilles problem and 2 years after treatment for tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

They talk about the treatments, and the pain free movement Dr Campbell has experienced over the last few years. 


Triston James

World and European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion Triston James talks about how Shockwave helped him recover from knee surgery.

After 3 session, Triston was able to do exercises and train in a way he hadn't been able to for the year following his operation.


Simon Roberts

Paul and Simon talk about Simon's long standing knee pain and the results he's seen over the 3 sessions of Shockwave therapy.


Stewart Corstorphine

Stewart, a golf professional from Surrey, came to the clinic in 2010 with knee pain unresolved for 2 years.
Standing all day, this condition was impacting his day to day work and causing significant pain and discomfort.

Like most patients, he had tried other treatments that did not work. A course of Shockwave, over 3 sessions resolved the issue and after 7 years, I caught up with him to talk about how Shockwave has kept him pain free.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for the superb presentation you did for us on Wednesday. It was obvious you knew your subject, the presentation slides were excellent and you pitched it exactly as we needed. The team are very excited about using the dolorclast shockwave and feel confident that they now have the skill base necessary to effectively treat patients. It was a very useful day and thank you for doing such a good job for us.


To Paul, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all at the Osteopathic Clinic for providing my Shockwave treatment. From an injury sustained while working the the garden this seems to be the only medical treatment that has given me the relief from continuous discomfort.





Being a professional mountain guide my legs are critical to me so when I developed terrible pain in my right heel that made it difficult to walk, I was keen to sort it out as quickly as possible. After eight months I’d tried almost everything to no avail. I approached Paul and he recommended Shock Wave Therapy. I had three sessions. I'm delighted to say it worked for me and I'm now pain free. As someone who has spent thousands on physios and masseuses over the years, I found Paul to be top of the tree. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and sympathetic. I'd highly recommend both Paul and Shockwave Therapy. 

Dr Gerda Speller

Carl Hassan


I had a problem for 8 years with my right shoulder and for the last 18 months I could not stand the pain and discomfort. I called Paul Morrissey who arranged an MRI scan whilst confirmed severe calcific tendinopathy with a large focal calcification within the tendons. Paul arranged a review with a consultant in London who was prepared to operate but my problem was following surgery there would be a minimum of 6 months rest. This was not possible with my job, I therefore discussed the benefits of Shockwave Therapy with Paul and decided to take a course. I have to say that following the first session I did not look forward to the following sessions but after the third session my pain and mobility where vastly improved. I need to have three more sessions to complete my course. I highly recommend the services provided by Paul Morrissey and Shockwave. 


I had had chronic bilateral hip (trochanteric) bursitis for over ten years when I first visited Paul Morrisey in May 2011. All conventional treatments had failed to improve the condition long term. Reading the research about Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy on Paul’s website led me to think that at last here was something that might work for me.

By then I was in a considerable amount of pain and unable to walk any distance and was aware that having had the condition for so long a ‘quick fix’ was unlikely. However I am delighted to say that just over a year after commencing ESWT I am very much improved and have very little pain these days. Mr Morrisey has been most reassuring throughout, explaining clearly the treatment and how it works and prescribing a range of exercises to improve muscle tone as well. I cannot thank him enough for improving my quality of life.


I loved rugby but hated cross country as a teenager at school. When I retired from rugby I took up jogging. Surprisingly, for the past 12 years it has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. That is, until my Achilles tendons started to throb and swell last year such that I had difficulty walking down stairs in the morning. Being a GP, I knew a few things about sports injuries and tried extra hard to diligently stretch off those aching tendons that were starting to develop tender swollen nodules. Even resting for two weeks on holiday didn't help. Anti-inflammatory tablets gave no relief, just indigestion.

As many of my patients will testify, I am a great advocate of cortisone injections for arthritic joints and certain tendon problems. However I have never been keen on cortisone injections for Achilles tendinitis as they carry a risk of rupturing this biggest and most important tendon in the body.

So I saw Paul, who has treated my family and I over the past 17 years. He sorted out my whiplash after a mis-timed rugby tackle in 1994 and a slipped lumbar disc in 1997 (due to poor posture). I expected Paul to treat my Achilles with one of his medical lasers or ultrasound machines and be given a course of exercises. Instead he suggested a course of treatment with his shockwave machine, which I had never heard of.

The theory behind shockwave treatment is that the shockwave energy can break down the scar tissue the body forms when trying to repair damaged inflamed structures. This excessive scar tissue formation can actually impair rapid healing. It had to be safer than a cortisone injection in the Achilles tendon I thought.

The treatment was quite pleasant initially, just a probe held to the tendon, giving out a gentle clicking. But Paul being Paul, he had to turn the volume up! When he got to "11" it was rather uncomfortable but not unbearable. For a day after the first treatment it felt fantastic, all the pain and stiffness had gone. A day after that it started to get sore again. In total I had five treatments, each lasting about 15 minutes over six weeks.

After the completed course of treatment the tendons were still sore, say a 30% improvement, and I was disappointed to be honest. But now, four months later, the tendinitis has pretty much resolved. I can walk pain free down the stairs and the tender nodules have all but disappeared. To help myself recover I have kept up with Paul's exercises and worn the custom made orthotics he fitted me with (very comfortable and thoroughly recommended by the way).

In conclusion, I have been delighted with the shockwave treatment. I just wish it was available on the NHS. Thanks Paul!