New Video on Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (often called High Hamstring or Hamstring Syndrome)

Well again another busy week and fitting in another video was really challenging. I have to thank Rhea, my Pilates Teacher/ Ironman extraordinaire, my wife in the background and the ever supportive Artur who provides us with such good photos.

Paul and Reah  1-91 Shock Pics (27).JPG

So what's so particular about this proximal hamstring video. Well the hamstring itself can be the cause of problems with the lower back, hip and indeed the knee. For this particular condition we see a number of athletes from the running world in particular and when not responding to treatment or even misdiagnosed, then Shockwave can be a valid solution. I've treated a number of these conditions with very successful results.

For the academics out there, check out our other Shockwave Practitioner videos and this very good paper to support this condition

For those of you who have or think you may have this condition, i.e pain in the lower buttock, worsened on sitting also whilst running during acceleration / deceleration phase, check out the Hamstring Tendinopathy page here. This may be your saving grace (as in Cacchio's study).

Have a good week everyone.