October's Shocking Stories

So we are nearly a wrap for October working in reverse order, here’s what I posted this month and a few snippets from ESWT world.

1.Calficic Tendinopathy, study using EMS and Stortz equipment 3,6,12 and 24 months reviews.


Not surprising to all that RSWT did not do so well in this study both short and long term.

Not a randonised controlled group, varying practioners but I believe most of of the opinion for Calcific Tendinopathy then FSWT may well be the answer.

Paul Web Pics - 20-10-2017 (46).JPG

2. October 17 Good general review of knee tendinopathies and soft tissue disorders and well reviewed. Nice plug for RSWT and FSWT


Please my patient video, there’s an abundance of knee patients that have done so well with RSWT.

3. A very interesting small study that I shared and added more information from a colleague Professor Christoph Smidtz is definatinely worth a look at. Whilst most of the studies we see are realted to chronic recalcitrant cases the acutes do interest me- so say why wait? The simple answer is that we have guidelines here!


4. Then on 13th October my daughter and I got up at 4am to get Belfast to teach for the Swiss DolorClast Academy. We had a blast, great delegates with great sense of humour and wanting good studies and background to support ESWT. April my daughter was great help and took some great pics, one of us two,


5. October kicked off with a nice summary and update in the management of foot and ankle disorders, usual added bonus from yours truly.


Please don’t forget there’s plenty of practioner material on my site, have a look it may be of interest. https://shockwave-therapy.co.uk/shockwave-practitioners