Shockwave Training In Belfast

A great weekend was afforded to me to share the good work of and sponsor

The slight delay to the day was captured on Facebook Live.

The morning started with an academic look at Shockwave Therapy, discusing briefly how I got into ESWT in 2003/4 and moving on promptly to look at the Swiss DolorClast Method which is based around technology, clinical proof, and education.


I spoke principally about Radial therapy, but also briefly discussed the focused device that’s getting traction in the UK.

We reviewed EBM as it’s defined in the NHS, the approved conditions Shockwave can help with, and spoke about PEDro and the DolorClasts significance in terms of accepted RCT’s. An important note to this group being that of the accepted studies approximately 80% were performed using the Dolorclast, which speaks for itself.

Moving on to peer reviews, the the appropriate conditions, depth of treatments and the various MSK indications, the short and long term effects of Shockwave on the tissue before looking at what, in my opinion, really works to create success. Everything from patient selection to evidence of outcomes.

Finally, before lunch we looked at 3 conditions: Lateral epicondylitis; GTPS; and Plantarfasciopathy with the appropriate RCTs and the energies used.


Most find the level of energies used, too high to deliver to patients, so some time was spend discussing the essential role power plays to create angiogenesis. It’s important to educate the patient before hand, and remind them they have been in so much pain for a long period of time with the condition, refocusing that tolerance to the treatment, and with the right techniques from the practitioner, it’s usually possible to deliver the recquired energy and get a successful outcome.

Take a look at the lunchtime Facebook live we recorded.


The afternoon was all about learning to use this great kit for upper and lower limb pathologies and all the delegates had chance to be both the practitioner and patient during the practice sessions.


We wrapped up the day discusing the Swiss Dolorclast Academy and the opportunities from the outstanding worldwide education program.


Finally, back on a plane at 7am this morning and back to the family.

This was a great group of enthusiastic practitioners, and it was an honor to be able to share my experience with them.

I’m looking forward to the next event.