Progressive February

Well February most certainly been busy with a few good posts and confirmation of the 3rd Shockwave UK Conference organised by Professor Nicola Maffulli with a good cast of speakers, guest speaker Professor Ludger Gerdesmeyer who really launched ESWT with his study on Plantar Fasciopathy

IMG_5367 2.JPG

The day is really looking interesting with Imaging with Dr Otto Chan, as mentioned we have Ludger Gerdesmeyer on the science and really couldn't have anyone better on this with two FDA approvals on his books.

There's also auditing and setting up a shockwave service, Jonathan Wrides EMS UK  principle educator is talking about realities in clinical practice, I'm looking forward in discussing the conditions that we know work and there's also a chance for everyone to join in and experience ESWT from a practical perspective with Jonathan and myself. 

We also have Dr Adam Read discussing data collection and Finally there's a speaker on Urology.

Those that are interested Professor Muffulli is presenting the inauguration of the  British ShockWave Association

Prior to the founding of BSWA, there was no shockwave association in the UK. The primary aim of this newly formed association is to bridge the gap between device companies, clinicians and patients, to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas between all of us. We will adhere to national and international guidelines, whilst maintaining a pragmatic, non-exclusive approach in all specialties in which SWT has been proven to be effective.

Our ethos is that it is essential that all healthcare personnel administering SWT are trained to the highest standards, and are aware of all the relevant research and up to date to provide effective SWT.

BSWA will facilitate future collaborative research in SWT to ensure a bright, long future.

Please save this date, it will be full of academics and practical solutions.

Two post that caught my eye earlier this month,

Nice to see this in one of our main journals confirming best clinical results in terms of energy is low to mid and the endorsement of FSWT on Calcific Tendinopathies, not sure of the name given to RSWT though.

Finally, another good post confirming FSWT for another Hip pathology. Like the post last year with early AVN Focused seems to be helpful

Finally please take time to look at this testimonial from young Simon who had 6 years plus of knee pain and now finally out of pain and now is looking to get back into his of Football thanks to Radial Shockwave.