Sizzling July's Shockwaves


My word what a period its been in the UK, sizzling comes to mind and forsure the world is in change, rather than gobal warming. Seemingly EMS gets everywhere, even at my annual party at my Cheyne Walk practice drinking my BCAA's to keep going -no alcohol as had to look after everyone!


Some very interesting things happened this month not all on LinkedIn, here's the hot list,

I had the most wonderful clinical result for a 2 year old dupuytren's with Dr Mary Onianwa using my Focused devise, it would have been difficult to delivery the energy required using my usual favoured evo blue. #shockwaveworks

Meta analysis always works well, check out my linkedin post on ESWT and osteonecrosis of the femoral head

A repost of a favoured, by popular request I might add as some dont have access to all social platforms

Further, as this posted created so much interest I had a go a creating a video to same, script was done on the basis of the above and im pleased with the outcome save the AI's version of tendinopathy ( apologises in advance ).


Finally a rather well received post on GPTS with my usual critique,

My views on ESWT and back pain are really quiet clear, and have been for some time. Here's my last one of the month I did today