My Journey of the Handpiece ( for delivery of Shockwave Therapy )

Last week I received a replacement handpiece from EMS like most products they need to be regular servicing and indeed a replacement part periodically, shame are bodies are not so easily maintained!

To that end it gave me the idea about the history of the handpiece. This essentially started with the Radial devise and indeed the Power handpiece, which I have just had replaced and It should be mentioned and indeed recorded that these devises was used to get the current NICE guidelines way back  (2003 ) The Power hand piece is a devise where you need serious energy, for example Calcific Supraspinatus this can produce up to .55mj/mm2 in terms of energy output.

Some new comers to the world of shockwave may not be aware of this, and often other manufactures quote these references but have not got a scrap of evidence with there devises and essentailly 'piggy backing' on EMS's good work over the years. 

This is also a direct result of us getting shockwave paid by the insurance companies which a good number of clinicains have benefited therefrom! Myself included I might add.

I am a user of the EMS product purely on the basis of #evidence I am an Ambassador for the product and get remuneration if I give training days for the

I decided to record this video for a number of reasons namely 

1. History, fact

2. Development from the Radial to the EVO blue , please see my additional video

3. Discuss the Nice Guidelines as mentioned above

4.The only Radial Shock Wave device on the market with FDA approval for plantar fasciopathy

5. Appreciation to the hard work done by EMS and thank accordingly for the benefit of over 2000 patients from my clinic alone.

6. My understanding of Focused Shockwave is for deeper lesions such as early AVN, non union fractures and urology ,  but I did give an explanation to a patient that had who had a chronic de quervans, 2 years and where I need to use more energy and the patient may not have tolerated well the radial devise, I had a superb response and recorded here if you wish to see

Heres the video for those interested relating to MY Journey