Summers gone but Shockwave is Blazing

OMG wheres the sun gone, I must admit whilst difficult to work in clinically I loved the warmer weather.


So what been happening in the ESWT world, well in clinic I have had a number of young males from the world of football, some semi Pro's others good club level age 23-35 which chronic knee pain this month. All with Left knee, all post operative, having exhausted Physio and PRP injections. Delighted to say that all bar one are doing great, having 3 treatments pain free and now loading and 'exploding' as it were. The 'remainer' has a history of 3 years with severe P/T and 2 years since surgery, however theres a change in symptoms almost like a sub acute. Confident with a little more treatment he will do well, heres a link to some of the exercises given - apologises as the model somewhat senior!


We have 2 rcts on non traumatic Osteonecosis of the Femoral Head and ESWT was found to be helpful in the early stages, links accordingly,

Further, I had a part replaced on my red power hand piece which made me think about the hand pieces that I have used since 2003, the benefits to all particulary patients and also the revenue generated therefrom and huge thanks the the EMS Team, Aude, Marie-Christine and JC. Here's the link to the Video- grab a coffee first

Finally a good end to the month, my colleague and main EMS educator Mr Jonathan Wride did some great work with a UK athlete,  Marilyn Okoro @mokoro4 so what this space and love the title 'Radial Shockwave Rocks'

So thats it, its a wrap